Dairy Fair - Cremona, Italia

The International Dairy Cattle Fair, now in its 75th edition, is one of the main world events for dairy farming: an essential appointment for professional operators in the sector and for companies that produce plants and services.

The International Dairy Cattle Show annually attracts the best brands in the sector worldwide (800 brands), thus presenting professional visitors (58,327 operators during the 2019 edition) with a specialized display of the highest quality both on the product front and on the that of services. In Cremona, in fact, farmers meet in search of the most suitable solutions for their company.

The event is also the best market for international genetics: the Friesian Breed Show, during which over 400 champions compete in what is considered one of the most renowned zootechnical rings in the world, offers the plastic representation of the excellence achieved by the processes of genetic improvement.

We hope many of you will come